Identify Your True Retail Opportunities with Traf-Sys

As a retail business owner, you know how competitive your industry is and how tight profit margins are. It’s not uncommon that a one-half percent increase in a retailer’s conversion ratio can yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional profits. Traf-Sys has 12 years of retail and shopping center experience using counting data analyses to help our clients achieve higher profits. Leading retail brands such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Harley-Davidson Motor Company entrust their people counting needs to Traf-Sys.

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Ways Traf-Sys Can Help Your Retail Business:

Determine your conversion ratio

Before you can improve any part of your business, you need to first know where you’re starting at. We’ll help you determine your current conversion ratio.

Advertising and Promotional Evaluations

Instantly see the traffic generated from your advertising activities, and measure the popularity of new displays.

Optimize your Staffing

If your merchandise has a wide price range, determining your staffing based on sales numbers can be highly inaccurate (e.g. a few customers buying a few high-ticket items vs. many customers buying low costs items). Knowing your traffic levels throughout the week can help you make more educated staffing decisions.

Strategic Marketing and Operations

Apply best practices for generating traffic at your most successful stores to your lower performing stores and use this data to supplement your market research activities.

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