Traf-Sys People Counting Software

Traf-Sys’ people counting software provides near real-time access to reliable and accurate pedestrian traffic data via an intuitive online platform. Through a single, easy-to-use interface, clients can access traffic data on any computer with a network connection. Traf-Sys can also host the data from your retail traffic counters and make reports available for online generation.

Advanced software functionality includes detailed business reporting options that enable users to generate custom reports. The data is available in a variety of formats to monitor the most important business metrics. Easily pull reports and use this actionable information to make more informed business decisions.

Our traffic counter solutions are scalable to meet the needs of any size business, whether you are an individual site or need to manage multiple locations from headquarters.

Key Features of the Traf-Sys People Counting Software System include:

  • Ability to connect the retail traffic counters via your LAN or WAN, a PC serial port, or a modem. Any site where you want to count people can be supported.
  • Easy to use menus allow for quick system setup and report generation.
  • Fully scalable database structure allows you to easily customize your business to your traffic counting systems analysis. For example, you can segment and compare your business by store type, region, district, date ranges and numerous other criteria.
  • Comprehensive, management-level reports that can be presented in chart, tabular or drill-down formats.
  • Unique snapshot reports, such as the Weather and Special Events Report, enable you to examine traffic with what else is happening at your site.
  • Four different formats of report styles, and numerous trending and period analyses.
  • Flexible data import, export and printing capabilities.
  • Interfaces are available to link sales and staffing data to analyze each in the context of traffic.
  • Create report templates, and have reports automatically generated and distributed based on the latest data.
  • With the optional Traf-Sys data hosting and reporting, we take care of everything, and you won’t need any software or data storage for the system.
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VisiCount comparison over period of timeTraffic Trend Over Time VisiCount trend comparison report VisiCount trend report

Find out how people counting can help your business.

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