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Occupancy Sensors Can Transform Your Workplace

In today’s evolving workplace, shared workstations and offices are becoming undeniable staples. As workplaces become more flexible in modern times, shared room management is essential to keeping your office productive and harmonious. Occupancy sensors can transform your workplace by ensuring your employees always know which workspaces are open and ready to go.

As workplace safety and health continue to be a top priority, room management software can let you know a room’s occupancy and ensure your employees are appropriately situated. This data gives peace of mind for employees and employers alike. 

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Why Optimize Your Room Management With Automation?

With automated room management services, your employees can quickly find open work areas and increase their productivity. Automated room management improves your workplace in the following ways: 

  • Visualize live space availability: Live occupancy data allows your employees to quickly find open workstations and never waste time looking for an available room. This data enables you to easily book open workspaces and boost your workplace energy efficiency by letting you know when your lighting and HVAC systems should activate. 
  • Optimize your workspace layout: Room management solutions are perfect for optimizing your space layout and showing how each of your rooms and open workspaces is being utilized by your employees. The data gleaned from this knowledge will show you if you have enough desks and equipment in the room and if there’s a better way to arrange each room’s layout. 
  • Ensure workplace health and safety: Workplace management services are essential to knowing exactly where your employees are and keeping them safe if a health outbreak occurs. Show your employees you care about their well-being with optimized rooms and advanced management strategies.

How to Optimize Office Space With People Counters

To track which rooms are open or full, it’s best to use a people counting system. People counting systems let you track exactly how many people have entered or exited a room by using discrete sensors. These sensors come in many versatile varieties, including overhead, horizontal, wired, wireless, bi-directional and uni-directional configurations.

Aside from telling you which rooms are currently empty or full, the data from room management software can help your building stay energy efficient and turn down the heating, cooling and lighting whenever a room is empty. When your business installs people counting systems, you can quickly decrease your carbon footprint with a minimal upfront cost and earn your investment back quickly, helping your bottom line.

Workspace Optimization and People Counting Systems From Traf-Sys

With room management and people counting systems, your employees will never have to waste their time looking for an open spot to work in. Room management systems give your workplace the power to become more productive, energy-efficient and safe. In addition to managing your rooms, Traf-Sys people counting systems can:

  • Automate your HVAC and lighting systems.
  • Ensure rooms aren’t filled over their capacity.

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