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Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Experience

When you own and operate a physical business, your customers take countless steps to get to their destinations and buy your products or use your services. People counting systems measure the number of people that walk through an area over time to assess your potential sales opportunities. This technology allows you to measure the outcome of sales campaigns, improve store layout and evaluate foot traffic flow to improve the customer experience, ultimately resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction. 

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Overhead People Counting Sensors

(Network connection and VisiCount Software required)

0% of shoppers intend to spend more

Determine How to Measure the Customer Path

Better customer experience leads to better outcomes — in fact, 86% of shoppers intend to spend more at places with good customer service. To understand your clientele, you can develop a plan for how to measure customer journey and use your space as efficiently as possible. This process involves: 

  • Creating journey maps: If you know the path that your customer will likely take, you can steer them in a specific direction. Retail stores and casinos can learn about opportunity points to make sales. 
  • Determining layout: Arrangement can influence where customers go and how long they spend in an area. For example, libraries can adjust their space based on how many people check out books, use the computers or stop by for other reasons.
  • Promoting products: Peopleoften shop with a product in mind or want to see the latest items. Shopping malls can integrate journey data into their marketing and advertising plans.
  • Conducting surveys: The best way to know what a customer likes or dislikes is to ask. Surveys allow for honest feedback that can correlate to data gathered by journey measurement hardware, allowing a business to develop an informed action plan.

Occupancy Counters

Discover the Benefits of Customer Flow Management 

Flow management involves effectively understanding the movement of foot traffic around a customer-centered environment. There are benefits to tracking customer flow, which include gaining insights on:

  • Passby traffic: Know how much traffic is around your business outside of regular store hours to improve window shopping and evaluate potential changes to your hours of operation.
  • Area dwells: Learn which spots in your facility attract the most attention based on how much time shoppers spend passing through particular areas. 
  • Conversion efficiency: Figure out what percent of shoppers convert to customers after walking in and taking an interest in different areas of your store. 
  • Associate presence/density: Determine if you are understaffed or overstaffed to improve your payroll management and ensure customers can access help when they need it.
Traf-Sys counters are cloud-based
Provide a wide-range coverage capabilities

Decide on the Right Equipment for Measuring the Customer Path

Video-based space utilization hardware uses a camera lens to record footage of your customers and provide valuable insight when used in conjunction with VisiCount software for analyzing trends. Traf-Sys counters are cloud-based for compatibility with tablets, phones or computers, and we have two options for video sensors: 

  1. The Eclipse People Counter works in areas with high traffic levels, dynamic lighting and wide entrances. The counter has extended coverage and adjusts to environmental changes. 
  2. Our Spectrum 3D People Counter uses 3D imaging to count people in indoor or outdoor spaces, depending on the model.  

Both options provide wide-range coverage capabilities and offer rapid software upgrades for easy maintenance. 

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