The Benefits of Installing Wireless People Counters

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If you’re a business owner looking to install some kind of people counting system, consider purchasing a wireless people counter. The benefits that wireless counting provide are various. Traffic retail counting solutions have been proven valuable time and time again for making well-informed business decisions regarding your store layout and key staff scheduling times. If you look into installing wirelessly, you’ll find additional benefits available to you.

1. Impractical or impossible wiring?

Consider your business’s facility. What’s your electrical wiring situation like? If you are housed in an older facility, it may be a bit of a mess. If so, the thought of installing a traffic counting system that needs to be wired into your facility may seem not only impractical, but also impossible.

Wireless people counters are ideal for facilities with complex wiring. Our wireless people counters are designed for flexibility, enabling a quick and easy installation on walls or doorframes.  Additionally, they run on a lithium battery that has a lifespan of about a year.

2. Temporary counting and pilot testing

Maybe you’ve heard a lot about what traffic counting systems can do for your business or organization and want to test it out before purchase. Or, maybe your organization needs to collect short-term program participation data and you are looking for a temporary counting solution.

In both cases, the wireless people counter option is ideal. The units are affordable, small and lightweight. They can be mounted to a wall or doorframe, and installation is quick and easy. You will be gathering your data in no time and with no hassle.

If you are pilot testing your wireless people counter, you will be making better informed business decisions by the end of your first day of testing. If you are using your wireless people counter for temporary solutions such as efficient counting of your organization’s program attendees, then there will be no need for the stressful shuffle of additional paperwork. Simply check the LCD screen at the end of your program and it will give you your program attendance data.

3. Do you have existing wired systems, but need additional counters to account for growth?

Imagine that your business is very successful. You’ve been using a wired retail traffic counting system for some time to your benefit and it’s working so well that you need to add new entrances to your existing business, or additional business locations to serve an ever growing customer base. Surely, wireless people counters are out of the question because you already have a wired system in place, right?

Wrong.  There are wireless people counters that are designed so flexibly that they can be integrated into your existing wireless system. You can begin collecting valuable data at your new entrances and locations in no time.

With their quick and easy install, flexible design, long battery life, and absolutely no need for any kind of electrical wiring, wireless people counters may be the solution for you.

4. Flexible mounting options

No matter what the entrances to your store are like, wireless people counters offer flexible mounting options. Mount them in doorframes or on the wall. Mount them in all of your entrances and in separate sections of your store.

Flexible mounting options allow you to experiment with different store layouts until you figure out which one is the best for you.  In addition to placing them in your entrances, place them throughout your store. Find out which sections are getting the most foot traffic and which are getting the least. You’ll get a better idea of what you need to do to draw traffic through your store, such as placing high demand items towards the back of your store to draw customers all the way through your displays and aisles.

5. Cost effective option

Wireless people counting sensors are reasonably priced and are a less expensive investment than wired counters. You won’t be missing out on the opportunity costs associated with closing your store to rewire, but you’ll still have access to valuable data that can help you reduce costs and improve sales.

For example, you’ll be able to create a profile of high and low traffic periods. Identifying these trends will allow you to staff your store appropriately based on customer demand. Paying employees is expensive, so having the optimal number of employees on staff helps improve your bottom line.

Understanding your staffing needs with wireless people counting sensors also improves customer service capabilities. If you recognize higher trafficked periods and have more staff available, customers will be able to find the help they need and be able to efficiently checkout.

Places to Install Wireless People Counters 

Hardwiring a new people counter into your establishment is not always a feasible option. Fortunately, there are wireless people counter options available that provide the same basic benefits as wired people counters.  What’s more, wireless people counters are energy-efficient, which keeps your electricity bill down, and they can be installed easily and almost anywhere without you having to worry about outlets or power sources being nearby. Here are three places you absolutely need a wireless people counter.

Small Libraries

Libraries often rely on funding to keep operations flowing, and this boils down to being able to prove your library is a well-utilized community resource. People counters can provide you with an accurate number of visitors per day, which can be used when presenting your case for why your library needs funding. For libraries that have a tighter budget to work with, wireless people counters are ideal because not only do they keep electricity bills low, they are vital to helping libraries make better cases for funding. Additionally, for whatever reason, the library layout just may not be conducive to a wired counting system and when this happens, a wireless counter really is the only way to go.

Visitor Centers

To accurately monitor traffic in visitor centers, multiple people counters should be used. Visitor centers often have several different key “destination” areas that people can visit. In order to determine traffic flow through your center for promotional or other reasons, it’s essential to have a people counter placed in each “destination” area to determine how many people walk through the area on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s not possible to install a wired counter in every area because, for whatever reason, it’s just not technically feasible. For this reason, wireless people counters are a must.

Additionally, visitor centers also run on funding like libraries do. Installing overhead, wired people counters could cause your visitor center to close for construction. However, accurate, bidirectional, wireless people counters can be installed quickly and easily, generating accurate numbers on how often your visitor center is used when applying for funding.

Small Niche Shops

When running a business that targets a niche audience, business is not expected to be booming. For this reason, keeping your store hours centered on times when business is highest is important when you are on a small budget. Wireless people counters will track the times of day you receive the most business, allowing you to center your store hours on these times. This will save on labor costs by preventing overstaffing when there is little or no business, as well as understaffing during hours when you are swamped.

Wireless people counters are lightweight, versatile, accurate, and ideal for environments or facilities where installing wired people counters are not an option. Additionally, they are also easy to install and can make or break an establishment that relies on outside funding. Utilizing a wireless people counter correctly answers a lot of questions about how much traffic your business is seeing and what time of day it is occurring, in turn allowing you to make better business decisions and optimize your business for success.

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In the long run, installing wireless people counting sensors is an easy solution that will improve your business management while still remaining cost effective. Contact Traf-Sys today to get a free quote for a wireless people counting system. 

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