How to Select the Right Retail Traffic Counter

Have you decided that your company is finally ready to implement a retail traffic counter, but are unsure which one will be the best for you? Each company is different and has their own unique needs; therefore, they should choose a traffic counting solution that suits those specific needs. Before making your final decision, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

How is your entrance set up? Does it consist of swing doors or is it an open entrance?

If your entrance is open, horizontal counting is less accurate due to multiple people blocking each other from being counted. Also, keep in mind that horizontal counting requires that the door only swings out.

How wide is your entrance?

If you have a wider entrance, or more group traffic, the less accurate horizontal counting will be. If you are interested in horizontal counting sensors, they will work at up to about 15 feet of entrance width. If you company is considering an overhead sensor, you will need one sensor for every 11 feet of entrance width, depending on ceiling height.

Do you want to capture traffic counts per day, or do you require shorter intervals?

  • Bi-directional sensors are useful if you need traffic counts in the per-hour range. The sensor will capture ins and outs, matching up closer to the actual traffic trends of the day.

Do people typically browse around in your entranceway?

  • If you often have people browsing around in your entranceway, an overhead video people counting sensor is suggested to handle detection even when people are standing still.

Do you have a 110V power outlet available at the entrance?

  • If you plan to use the wired capability of the Z-Series horizontal sensors or the Overhead Wireless Thermal Sensor, a 110V power outlet will be a requirement.

Before choosing what traffic counting system you are going to implement at your business, make sure you have the answers to these questions. In the meantime, you can learn more about choosing a people counting system by visiting our people counting page.

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