• 4 Reasons to Choose Thermal Imaging People Counters

    There are many people counting products available in the retail business market (e.g., door-mounted horizontal infrared beams, overhead video, thermal imaging, etc.), and not every type is right for every application. For malls and larger retail stores, museums, and libraries, the smart choice is a thermal imaging people counter designed to accurately monitor foot traffic […]

  • How to Choose a People Counting Solution

    If you are considering using a people counter solution, you’ve probably realized by now there are different types available that claim to offer different advantages. So, which people counting solution will work best for your facility or store? This guide explains the four main types of systems so you make an informed decision on a […]

  • 2018 Seasonal Retail Guide: Get Started Planning Your Best Year Yet

    Now is the time to get organized and have your best retail year yet by taking advantage of the many opportunities you will have each month to help your customers enhance holidays and celebrations. Our 2018 seasonal retail guide outlines ideas for both traditional and novel occasions that consumers shop for — or use as […]

  • 2018 Seasonal Library Program Planning Guide

    As you strategize your library programming schedule for the year use this seasonal library program planning guide to aid your efforts. We’ve compiled a month-by-month list of a few holidays, national days and awareness months for you to consider. Once you use this library program planning guide to get organized and outline a solid schedule, […]