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Modern airports are high-traffic facilities that require continuous crowd monitoring for security and efficiency purposes. People counting systems from Traf-Sys help facility managers assess and manage traffic flow, create a safer environment and improve the traveling experience. Use our counter and software solutions to overcome the unique traffic control challenges your airport faces. 

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    Benefits of Our People Counters for Airports

    Traf-Sys people counting systems provide a host of benefits for airport personnel:

    • Accurate foot traffic counts: Knowing how many travelers pass through an airport each day is essential for managing congestion and improving traffic flow. Our people counting sensors provide a stellar accuracy rating of 95% to 99%, enabling you to make crucial decisions with total confidence.
    • Staffing optimization: Most airports have peak travel times and slower periods with less foot traffic. Our counting systems provide reliable real-time volume data that allows management personnel to adjust staffing levels to meet customer demand. You’ll also avoid overstaffing that leads to higher labor costs. 
    • Enhanced retail performance: Larger airports feature an abundance of retail shops and stores for traveler convenience. Traf-Sys products enable the airport management staff to track the number of people entering, exiting and passing by each shop. They also provide benchmarking capabilities that help measure performance by comparing foot traffic in higher and lower-volume establishments.
    Eclipse Video Sensor
    Spectrum Series 3D People Counter


    Gazelle Series People Counter
    Z-900 Uni-directional
    Z-900 Unidirectional
    OmniCounter Bi-Directional
    Omni-Counter Pro


    Our Airport Counting Solutions

    We offer a host of counters and software products that meet any airport’s people counting requirements:

    1. Eclipse Video SensorPairing this highly accurate overhead counter with advanced VisiCount reporting software provides a dynamic counting solution for wide entrances and high-traffic areas within your airport.
    2. Gazelle Series: These counters use thermal imaging to provide accurate people counts in targeted areas. Because they measure body heat and aren’t impacted by lighting conditions, they’re also effective in wide-open spaces.
    3. SafeEntry: Monitoring system allows you to calculate the number of people occupying a building or specific area at any time.

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