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People counting sensors by Traf-Sys are built for your accuracy requirements, data retrieval needs and budget. We offer both wired and wireless people counting systems. Browse our selection of door counters, horizontal sensors, thermal imaging sensors, data controllers and other accessories below to find the right equipment to suit your needs.

Overhead People Counting Sensors

(Network connection and VisiCount Software required)

Spectrum 3D people counter video sensor

Spectrum 3D People Counter Video Sensor

This overhead door sensor can distinguish between adults and children, people and inanimate objects and adults of different heights using advanced 3-D technology.

Eclipse video sensor

Eclipse Video Sensor 00000000000000000

Video-based door sensors for retail stores, stadiums, casinos and other buildings with multiple and wide entryways with directional counts and customizable count zones.


Occupancy Counters


Spectrum Series people counter


SafeEntry was developed to help you maintain occupancy limits. The cloud-based counter is compatiable with tables, phones or computers.


Horizontal Wireless/People Counting Sensors

OmniCounter Bi-Directional

Direct Count One

The Traf-Sys Direct Count One people counters can be mounted at the entrance of your facility to measure pedestrian traffic statistics. It has a transmission range of up to 16 feet and includes features such as lithium-ion battery power and local LCD display. These counters can be installed quickly and easily.

Z-900 Uni-directional

Direct Count Two

The Traf-Sys Direct Count Two people counters are designed to provide an affordable wireless people counting solution. People counting data can be downloaded to a USB drive. The integrated 6-digit LCD display shows the current number of counts. Small size, lightweight, fast, easy and flexible installation.

If your retail store or other facility that requires a people counting solution features standard, manageable doors that are suitable for an affordable door-frame mounted or wall-mounted digital counter that uses wireless or wired technology, one of our horizontal door counter systems may be for you.

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