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Overhead People Counting Sensors

(Network connection and VisiCount Software required)

Eclipse Video Sensor

Video-based door sensors for retail stores, stadiums, casinos and other buildings with multiple and wide entryways with directional counts and customizable count zones.

Spectrum 3D People Counter Video Sensor

This overhead door sensor can distinguish between adults and children, people and inanimate objects and adults of different heights using advanced 3-D technology.

Gazelle Series Thermal Imaging People Counter

If you prefer an alternative to a video-based counting system, this thermal imaging counter provides accurate counting information without the need for video.

People counting sensors by Traf-Sys are built for your accuracy requirements, data retrieval needs and budget. We offer both wired and wireless people counting systems. Browse our selection of door counters, horizontal sensors, thermal imaging sensors, data controllers and other accessories below to find the right equipment to suit your needs.

SafeCount Occupancy Counting

Measure how many people are in your building for COVID-19 compliance.

Horizontal Wireless/Wired People Counting Sensors

(VisiCount Software Compatible; Data Controller required for computerized counts)


Battery-Powered Only

Our OmniCounter is an extremely popular people counter sensor with an infrared transmission range of up to 16 feet.

Z-900 Counting Sensor

The Z-900 door counting sensor device mounts in front or on the side of your entrance. It has an entrance width range of up to 20 feet, a radio range of up to 500 feet and counts foot traffic without extra software, cables or data controllers.

Z-WiFi People Counter

Our Z-WiFi people counters give you flexible mounting options and wireless people counting abilities in an affordable, accurate unit. This model features an LCD display and an infrared transmission range of up to 20 feet.

Z-Series Power Accs.

Works with all Z-Series Counters

If your retail store or other facility that requires a people counting solution features standard, manageable doors that are suitable for an affordable door-frame mounted or wall-mounted digital counter that uses wireless or wired technology, one of our horizontal door counter systems may be for you.

OmniCounter Pro Wireless Display-Only Horizontal Counter

OmniCounter Pro

Display Only

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Data Controllers and Accessories


Data Controller

Enhances the power of the Traf-Sys Omnicounter by allowing you to view your counting data remotely using your computer network. Able to accommodate up to 20 devices.


Data Controller

A compact but efficient data collector that can collect and store up to 16 devices worth of data for later review on a computer with an ethernet connection.

900 mhZ Pulse

Transmitter to use with Wireless Thermal Sensors

Allows sensors to communicate with a data controller, offering secure communication for up to 500 feet.

RS-485 Signal Converter

Use with 3rd party beam connectors

Allows you to connect Traf-Sys products with your existing people counting equipment.

BoostaCount 418/900 mhZ Repeater

Boost the signal to your MIU 1000 Data Controller or CompuCount Data Controller with this wireless repeater that can receive 418 MHZ and 900 MHz signals, boost them and retransmit them at 900 MHz to your data receiver, even through walls and floors.

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People Counting Hardware FAQ

How do door counters work?

Also known as people counters, door counters count the number of people that enter or exit an area by tracking when someone crosses their detection zone. Our people counters use the following types of technology to detect visitors:

  • Infrared: An infrared people counting sensor projects a horizontal infrared beam and counts each time that a visitor crosses it. Infrared people counters are one of the most affordable options available.
  • Thermal: Thermal people counters track multidimensional movement involving multiple visitors by detecting their body heat. Using repeaters, you can extend their ranges for larger areas.
  • Video: Video people counters measure visitor numbers using sophisticated technology that automatically detects individual visitors through video. They can record incredibly detailed and accurate data by filtering carts, strollers and children.

How accurate is thermal people counting?

Thermal overhead sensors deliver an accuracy rate of 95% or higher. They can provide such accurate data because of these factors:

  • Customization: Our thermal people counters enable you to customize their detection zones and sensitivity based on your visitors’ movement patterns.
  • Reliable performance: Thermal door counters can track visitors in a wide range of lighting and weather conditions.
  • Individual people counting: Since thermal people counters detect individual heat sensors, they can determine when more than one person crosses the detection area at the same time.

Do thermal people counters have a narrow field of view?

Compared to other door counting technologies, thermal people counting provides one of the widest detection areas available. Our thermal people counting options can measure a detection zone as wide as 80 feet long. For users who have a large entrance zone, thermal people counters can increase their detection zone by as much as 30% compared to other technologies.

What are the benefits of wireless people counters?

Wireless people counting systems provide the following advantages to wired people counters:

  • Flexibility: Wireless people counting systems enable flexible counter placement. If you don’t have an accessible power source near your entrance, you can still implement a wireless people counter.
  • Affordability: Compared to wired people counters, wireless people counting systems require a lower investment. Like other kinds of people counters, wireless people counting sensors also provide data that can help you further optimize costs.
  • Compatibility: You can use wired and wireless people counters in the same system. When you need to expand your current system’s detection zones, a wireless solution can help you grow your capabilities.

What is the battery life of a wireless people counter?

The battery life of your wireless people counter will depend on the model that you choose. Our OmniCounter infrared people counter and Z-900 door counting sensor have batteries that last for about a year. Meanwhile, the Z-WiFi people counting sensor’s battery can last between one and a half and two years. Some models work with an AC adapter if you want to convert your wireless people counter into a wired one.