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Benefits of People Counters for Gyms

No matter what time of year it is, people are always hoping to slim down or bulk up with their local fitness center’s help. If you are looking for a way to track foot traffic within your facility, trust Traf-Sys people counters. We have designed our systems to keep you updated on the day-to-day activity of your fitness center. Our data helps you identify the hot spots in your facility and make adjustments as needed.

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Utilizing Sensor Data to Enhance Traffic Management

Your fitness center sees constant activity from people entering, leaving and using different rooms like the pool, bathroom or maybe even a private workout room or recovery room. Knowing how many people tend to use these rooms at a given time can help you determine the most efficient way to run your facility.

For example, tracking the number of people who use the restrooms allows you to clean them based on how often people use them. The same goes for recovery and private workout rooms. Thorough cleanings improve your facility’s reputation and show visitors you care for their health.

Our sensors also monitor the traffic in certain zones. If you have a seating area by the entranceway, you may consider moving it if your data shows that the room experiences high foot traffic. By rearranging furniture, you can keep people moving without obstacles that make the area difficult to navigate.

This idea applies to the workout area, too. If you find that a lot of people want to use the recovery room or pool, a people counter can help you determine how many people is too many at one time. You can make adjustments accordingly, whether that means setting time limits or having guests reserve blocks of time.

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Our Products

People Counters Available for Your Fitness Center

We have a range of different people counter systems to accommodate the doorways and entrances at your fitness center. You can start by choosing an overhead or horizontal beam people counter. The overhead sensor is installed at the top of the doorway, while we install horizontal sensors on the doorway’s sides.

Then, you’ll decide whether your sensors should be wired or wireless. Most overhead sensors are wired. On the other hand, you can get wired or wireless horizontal beam sensors. Wireless sensors rely on batteries to work throughout the day. If you purchase from the new Z-series, you can get wireless overhead or horizontal sensors.

The last two options we offer are uni-directional and bi-directional. The uni-directional sensors count the movement of people passing by. The bi-directional sensors count people coming in and out of a zone based on the direction they walk by the sensor. The system then labels the data as entering or exiting.

Stay in the Loop With Traf-Sys Technology

Keep yourself updated on the activity in your fitness center. Our people counting systems allow you to adjust your facility to accommodate foot traffic and ensure a positive workout experience for every guest. Plus, our team can help you make the most of your system by assisting you in implementing the technology and interpreting the data.

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Why People Counters Are a Good Idea

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