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Making The Most of Your Store Space with People Counting

Shopping malls are hubs of community activity. Customers are drawn inside by opportunities to take part in shopping, food, entertainment and special events. Though you likely have a general idea of your mall’s traffic, understanding how customers actually use the facility can be more difficult.

In order to make wise business decisions that help your mall thrive, you need data about your customers and their experience at your location. A foot traffic counter from Traf-Sys can help you improve your mall’s customer experience and raise revenue.

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How Traf-Sys Foot Traffic Counters Benefit Malls

Appraise and support your leasing offer with hard data. Utilize foot traffic data to accurately assess the value of your mall. More easily communicate your space’s value to prospective partners, and adjust leases to reflect the amount of traffic each area gets.

Show current and prospective clients how many people travel through your facility – and even into key areas of your facility – on any given day.

Use information about your mall’s busiest times and areas to ensure appropriate staffing at all times. Traffic counters can help you provide ample security without overspending.

See how marketing affects — or doesn’t affect — customer traffic. Learn what sorts of campaigns work, and adjust your marketing strategy to draw more customers.

People counters can help you notice trends in customer paths through your shopping center. Find out which entrances are most popular, which direction traffic flows and more. You can use these insights to optimize your mall’s layout, placing ATMs, retail kiosks and displays in strategic locations.

Use pedestrian data to ensure high-value displays are placed in high traffic areas.

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How People Counters Measure Mall Traffic

People counters automatically detect when someone enters an area and record that information so that you can review it later. Generally, these traffic counters are unobtrusive and highly accurate.

At Traf-Sys, we offer a variety of people counting systems for shopping centers. Our systems include horizontal door systems and overhead systems, which use different methods to track visitors.

Horizontal systems count people by tracking how many times an infrared beam is interrupted. These systems work well in single-person doorways and narrow entrances. However, wider entrances benefit more from overhead systems, since these options can accurately track multiple people walking through a door at the same time.

Overhead systems count visitors using two different methods: thermal sensors and video recording. Thermal sensors count people by picking up on their body heat. Video systems, on the other hand, count people using video footage, which allows them to differentiate between adults and children.

Traf-Sys software can also help you analyze the data you collect from your mall’s foot traffic counters. Our software collects your data, displays it in multiple formats and allows you to create reports and view real-time data for valuable insights.

Ready to transform your shopping mall? Download our free eBook to learn more details about our people counting systems.

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Improve Your Mall With Traf-Sys

In order to increase your mall’s revenue and enhance customer experience, you need accurate traffic counts. At Traf-Sys, you’ll find systems and software to help you understand your customers and improve your business.

Our people counting systems are between 95 and 99 percent accurate, so you can count on your data as you make important business decisions. Our solutions have proven effective in a number of shopping centers and malls like yours, including Bayfair Center, Lloyd Center, Grand Central Mall and others.

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Why You Should Use Traffic Counters in a Mall

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