Purchase a University People Counting System From Traf-Sys

To operate a university or college successfully and avoid cuts in funding, you need to collect visitor data and foot traffic. With this data on hand, you can more effectively schedule staff hours, defend funding requests, enhance marketing strategies and better use the available space. Though collecting this data is important, doing so can be challenging without the proper tools.

Manually counting visitors can be a tedious, time-consuming task and can result in inaccurate data. If your facilities rely on manual visitor counting, this may be the first task to be abandoned when staff becomes busy with serving students or other essential tasks. This is why your university needs a people counting system from Traf-Sys.

Whether you are an administrator or you’re in charge of marketing, you may want to invest in a people counting system for your university. With our service, you can get the data and analysis you need as we analyze your data in the context of your university’s operations. For every customer, we offer a high level of service and assist with implementation. We offer guidance regarding how to interpret the data from our system and automatically flag issues within the system.

When you choose Traf-Sys as your provider for a people counting system, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Manage your facilities: By implementing a people counting system, you can leverage your data to improve how you manage your facility, such as by allocating supplies and creating staff schedules.
  • Use real-time tracking: With people counters, you can get real-time data on which parts of your campus see the most foot traffic.
  • Develop achievable goals: You can also use your people counters to set realistic, achievable goals. For example, if a campus event attracted only a dozen attendees, then you can set a realistic attendance goal for the next similar campus event. This information is useful when allocating dollars to different events and programs on campus.
  • Support your funding requests: With an accurate university visitor or student body count, you can collect evidence that supports your funding requests and grant applications. For example, you can use the data from your people counter to demonstrate strong attendance for a program that requires funding.
  • Ensure effective security staffing: Use foot traffic data from a people counter to ensure you are effectively staffing security personnel at different locations on campus.
  • Increase the eyes on your displays: If you are using displays to market or promote activities and events, you can use the data from your people counter to determine where the most students will see these displays. You may also be able to assess whether your displays are useful for students.
  • Count promotional activity attendance: When you offer promotional activities on campus, you can use people counters to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Regardless of your university’s size and budget, we have affordable solutions to give you the people counting capabilities needed. Our service team can customize a people counting solution that works for your institution’s specific needs. To learn more about how our solution can make a difference to your university and help you fight against funding cuts, check out our people counting system at Traf-Sys or request a free quote today.