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Office space

People counting systems offer a broad range of benefits to businesses across industries. With traffic data, you can accelerate your company’s performance through smart business strategies.

People Counting Solutions for Your Workplace

Traffic counting systems can provide near real-time information on your workplace traffic so you can make your team more productive. They can enhance your staff’s performance in two ways.

1. Workplace Space Planning Solutions and Software

With people counting technology, you can plan a more efficient workplace layout. The strategies that you can use to optimize your workspace include:

  • Redesigning your workplace layout through data on your most frequently used spaces
  • Pinpointing underutilized spaces and finding new purposes for them
  • Understanding which conference rooms are used the most to make informed decisions about meeting space layouts
  • Determining your most frequently traveled pathways and redirecting movement for better traffic flow
  • Decreasing or increasing the space you rent based on the amount you actually use

2. Improving Your Workplace Experience

You can also use people counting technology to make your workspace more productive for employees. Improve your team’s experience at work with these data-informed approaches:

Traf-Sys — Your Traffic Counting Solution

  • Informing your staff on current bathroom occupancy, so they know when they have an open stall
  • Showing near real-time availability for conference rooms and other shared spaces
  • Coordinating janitorial, culinary and facility work based on room usage
  • Performing A/B testing on room experience by trying out different layouts
  • Basing your workplace layout decisions on data that shows your employees’ preferences

Benefits of People Counters for Your Company’s Success

The data from traffic counting systems also has a role to play in your company’s results. People counters provide critical insights on aspects of business, such as the following.

Customer Analytics

Many companies use traffic counters to get data on customer behavior. With the right setup, you can record the number of customers who visit your store and use those results for sales insights.


Visitor numbers give you a variety of ways to measure your company’s performance. Compare your number of visitors to your sales to determine your conversion rate. Depending on your business model, understanding where you get the most traffic can also give you performance insights.


Using your customer analytics, you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The changes in your sales and visitor numbers in relation to your promotions will show their potential influence.

Consider Traf-Sys your user-friendly people counting solution. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive customer support and easy-to-use interface. For more information about our people counting solutions, get a free quote today.