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People counters are electronic sensors that count people as they walk into a facility or zone. Our VisiCount software then separates the counts by entrance and by time, adding in variables such as sales transactions, daily special events, weather conditions, and staffing hours. With this key data, a full suite of business intelligence reports are generated, enabling store owners and business managers to make informed business decisions.

How to Select the Right People Counting System

Types of People Counter Sensors

Overhead vs. Horizontal People Beam Counters
Like the names suggest, Overhead people counting sensors are mounted in the ceiling, and Horizontal (beam-type) sensors mount on both sides of a doorway.

Wired vs. Wireless People Counters
All Overhead counters require wired network connections. All of our Horizontal counters can be wireless (battery-powered), and our Z-Series can be either wired or wireless.

Bi-Directional vs. Uni-Directional People Counters
With many of our people counting systems, we can tell whether a person walked IN or OUT (which is called Bi-Directional counting). Uni-Directional Counters don’t distinguish IN from OUT counts, and so the total traffic counts per hour are divided by two to determine the number of visitors.

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Which People Counting System Is Best For You?

The following questions are designed to help determine the best traffic counting solution based on the unique needs of your business:

How is your entrance set up? Does it consist of swing doors or is it an open entrance?

If you have an open entrance, horizontal counting can generally be less accurate because multiple people can block each other from being counted by the horizontal digital door counters. Also, horizontal counting requires that the door only swings out, since in-swinging doors will block the beam from detection.

How wide is your entrance?

The wider the entrance, or the more foot traffic you have, the less accurate horizontal counting will be. What is your ceiling height and ceiling construction? If you are looking at horizontal counters, they will work at up to about 15 feet of entrance width — and are only recommended at this width if you don’t have much group traffic. If you are considering an overhead sensor, you will need one sensor for every 11 feet of entrance width, depending on your ceiling height. And, with overhead digital door counters, you will need network connections to the sensor in the ceiling at the entrance.

Do you want to capture door traffic counts per day, or do you require shorter intervals?

If you need foot traffic counts in the per-hour range, consider using one of the bi-directional counters (which includes all of the overhead counters and the horizontal OmniCounter). Since the sensor captures ins and outs, your hourly traffic counting results will match up closer to the actual traffic trends throughout the day.

Do people typically browse around in your entranceway?

If they do, an overhead video people counting sensor is suggested because it can handle detection even when people are standing still.

Do you have a 110V power outlet available at the entrance?

This will be essential if you want to use the wired capability of the Z-Series horizontal sensors or the Overhead Wireless Thermal Sensor.

SafeCount Occupancy Counting

Measure how many people are in your building for COVID-19 compliance.

People Counting FAQ

What is people counter software?

People counting software tracks the number of people that enter an area during the time that you specify. It uses people counting hardware to detect the people who pass through the area that it tracks.

VisiCount, the Traf-Sys people counting software, can use an overhead or horizontal sensor to count visitors. It delivers real-time results to give you access to the most accurate data possible.

How can a people counting device help my business or organization?

A people counting device can help you build business strategies, understand visitor behavior and make informed staffing decisions. It provides data on visitor behavior to help the user improve their operations and visitor experience. People counters help companies and organizations such as:

  • Retail stores and casinos: These businesses use people counting to measure conversion rates, optimize staffing and inform their marketing campaigns.
  • Shopping malls: Shopping centers and malls manage leasing offers, develop promotions, attract sponsors and staff security with people counter data.
  • Universities, libraries and museums: In higher education and nonprofits, staff use people counters to support funding requests and manage their facilities.

What is the power supply required for a people counter?

The power supply that you will need for your Traf-Sys people counter will depend on the model you choose. If you get a sensor that requires an outlet, we recommend a standard 110V power outlet in the area where you plan to count people. However, some of our sensors don’t need an outlet and use a source such as power over ethernet (PoE) or a battery. Carefully read a sensor’s specifications before you buy it to make sure that you have the required power supply.

If you have any questions about the power supply for a specific sensor we sell, please contact our team online. We can help you find the right model for your facility.

How do people counters calculate conversion rate?

State-of-the-art people counting software such as VisiCount compares traffic data with conversion data to calculate the conversion rate. You can import your sales data from the source of your choice and allow the software to perform the calculations.

Since you get to determine the conversion you want to track, you can use people counting to measure a wide range of results. For example, if a library uses people counting, the staff can calculate a circulation rate by comparing traffic to the number of people who check out books.

How does a people counting system measure marketing effectiveness?

With VisiCount, you can create custom reports and filter by date to measure a marketing campaign’s effectiveness. By comparing your conversion rate before, during and after your marketing campaign, you can measure your promotion’s impact on visitor behavior. VisiCount enables you to view traffic by any user-defined period to help you better understand your traffic patterns.

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