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Benefits of People Counters and Occupancy Sensors for Restrooms

Keep track of the number of customers using your business’s restrooms with smart people counting technology. Traf-Sys develops people counters for restrooms that will help limit occupancy and encourage social distancing in your store.

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    Benefits of People Counters and Occupancy Sensors for Restrooms

    There are numerous benefits that come with installing people counting technology in your business:

    Know when to restock

    With people counting technology on your side, you’ll know exactly how many people have used the supplies in your restroom. Set a plan to change over and restock your bathroom needs when a certain number of patrons have used your facilities to take control over your supply usage.

    Know when to clean

    The more customers who pass through your store, the more frequently you’ll need to clean your restrooms.Traf-Sys technology allows you to monitor the number of people who have used your bathroom, so you know when it’s time to clean. Set a predetermined number and our systems will help you stay ahead on your business’s cleaning regimen.

    Be proactive about maintenance

    People counters can help you set a benchmark to schedule bathroom maintenance. Rather than waiting for a sink, commode or hand dryer to break, you can schedule maintenance after a set number of customers use your restroom so your facilities never unexpectedly go out-of-order.

    Limit occupancy

    People counters let you set maximum occupancy numbers to ensure customer health, safety and overall comfort in your store. Install a screen on your restroom doors connected with your counter to inform patrons when the facility is at maximum occupancy or when it’s safe to enter.

    Increase customer satisfaction

    When you schedule restocking, cleaning and general maintenance around a system to track bathroom usage, your restrooms will stay in cleaner working order throughout the year, and your customers will take notice. Maintaining a tidy store will boost favorable public opinion and ensure your happy customers come back time and time again.

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    Types of Counters for Restrooms From Traf-Sys

    Traf-Sys offers various types of restroom counters. Work with Traf-Sys for competitive rates on overhead and horizontal counters that provide efficient solutions and fit your business perfectly.

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    People counting solutions from Traf-Sys produce useful data that will help you take control of your business’s restrooms and other facilities. For more on the ways people tracking technology can promote health and safety throughout your business, request a free quote from Traf-Sys today. Or Read 3 Ways People Counting Technology Improves Public Restrooms.

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