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Maintaining public, office and other types of restroom facilities at your business is a task that is often taken for granted. Many businesses have no janitorial staff that is specifically assigned to keep the restrooms clean, relying on customers to notify them when the bathrooms run out of toilet paper, the commodes are inoperable, etc. While this may seem like an effective way to keep labor cost down, a customer or patron may view your business or establishment as poorly-managed if you can’t even keep your restrooms maintained.

Your Restrooms Can Impact Sales and Customer Satisfaction

As a matter of fact, recent studies on the relationship between public restroom cleanliness and shoppers’ responses reveal some amazing statistics — for example:

  • More than 60% of shoppers make a conscious choice to visit businesses that they find have better maintained and cleaner restrooms
  • In addition, 55% report that they’re very unlikely to visit a business again after they’ve had a bad bathroom experience — such as dirty conditions, clogged toilets and a lack of supplies
  • Most telling is the statistic that almost 70% of adult shoppers report having had a recent unpleasant experience in a public restroom — like finding no toilet paper and/or partition doors that won’t latch

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that businesses need a cost-effective way of keeping up with restroom maintenance — or face the very real possibility that they’ll lose customers if they don’t address the issue properly. Of course, simply throwing more cleaning staff into the mix isn’t always an affordable or effective solution when large venues can have multiple restrooms with varying levels of usage.

Plus, for smaller independent businesses, the loss of even one patron can have a negative effect on their bottom line — especially when you consider the impact even one negative review online can have on other potential customers. The solution is to have fast, accurate access to reliable people counting data. This way, you and your staff are automatically informed when restroom usage reaches a benchmark that indicates cleaning and maintenance is in order.

This is when restroom people counter technology can help keep your facilities well-managed without the cost of extra labor. When you accurately measure bathroom facility usage, you’re better able to allocate maintenance staff to act quickly and proactively — instead of running around looking for restroom cleaning help after an incident has occurred.

For well over a decade, Traf-Sys Inc. has been helping retailers, malls, casinos and other businesses determine how to save on bathroom cleaning costs without sacrificing the overall quality of their restroom facilities by better tracking their restroom foot traffic. Read on to discover some of the most important ways people counting technology can help improve the overall quality of restrooms — without you incurring extra labor costs.

Keep ‘em Stocked. No One Likes to Run Out of Toilet Paper

People counting technology will generate reports of how many people have gone in and out of a public, office or other type of restroom. With the technology installed in each restroom doorway (men’s room and women’s room), you can monitor how much traffic each restroom is receiving.

Once a benchmark, or predetermined number of people entering and exiting a given restroom, has been achieved, you will know it is time to check to see if the bathroom needs to be stocked with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. This can be especially helpful for large venues such as amusement parks and event centers where multiple bathroom facilities are spread across a large area with limited cleaning staff on hand.

Keep ‘em Clean. Dirty Bathrooms Send Customers and Patrons Headed for the Hills

Setting benchmarks with people counting technology can also help alert you to the possibility that the restrooms may need to be cleaned and the trash cans emptied. Overflowing trash cans can lead to paper towels and other discarded items spilling onto the bathroom floor, which is an unpleasant sight for your customers.

Again, as soon as a target number has been reached, you will know it is time to check the restrooms. The more people using the facilities, the more likely the bathroom may need to be serviced.

In this way, you are also more likely to discover acts of vandalism before customers do. You can then attempt to ameliorate the situation before customers see it and narrow the window of time to determine when it occurred. You can then check security footage outside of the bathroom to narrow down possible suspects. If the vandalism is done with ink or paint, it will be easier to scrub off when it is fresh rather than allowing it to dry.

Keep ‘em Working. Clogged Commode? Not For Long

Using people counting technology to set maintenance benchmarks doesn’t just assist in keeping the restrooms clean, it can also help keep the sinks, commodes, and hand dryers working properly.

Restrooms with poorly-functioning hardware can give customers the impression that the business is doing poorly because it cannot afford to replace or repair their bathrooms. As soon as the target number is reached, you will know to do a maintenance check in the bathrooms. These routine maintenance checks can help prevent the possibility of poorly-functioning commodes.

A clogged or dysfunctional commode could lead to overflows which can cause problems such as floor damage (inside and outside the bathroom), product damage (if in a retail environment, the water could flow out of the bathroom and into your store), loss of business and poor customer service (if you have to close your store or bathroom while repairs are made), and unpleasant smells (which can provide an unpleasant experience for your customers). All of this can cost your business customers and money.

Optimize Cleaning Schedules With People Counting Technology

People counters can alert you to when usage benchmarks have occurred, and as a result, when those facilities need attention. In addition, they can also help you better manage and make use of your cleaning staff. Now, instead of having staff clean restrooms on a set schedule that leaves over- and under-used bathrooms without a fitting level of care, you can better deploy the cleaning labor you have by directing them to the facilities whose level of foot traffic indicates a maintenance visit is needed.

Better Restrooms With Better Data From Traf-Sys Inc.

Investing in people counting technology to assist in keeping your restroom facilities up to par is sure to be an investment that generates a positive return. Your customers will keep coming back and spread the word that your bathrooms are clean, stocked, and well-maintained.

To learn more about how people counters can help you maintain quality restrooms while controlling cleaning costs, download our product catalog or contact us now.