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  • How People Counting Systems Can Help in the Store Selection Process November 3, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Are you a business owner looking to expand? Selecting a location can be a tedious, painful, and stressful experience. Choosing the right location for your business can be a nightmare.  However, many business owners overlook the benefit that people counting systems can bring when choosing a location. What are people counting systems? People counting systems… Read more
  • Retail Counting Systems: Understanding Technology Options before You Purchase October 29, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Retail counting systems collect invaluable information for your establishment. If you are a business owner looking to install a retail counting system within your store, you have several options to choose from. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option against your business’s needs. Keep your facility in mind as you… Read more
  • How Understanding Retail Store Traffic Flow Can Improve Conversion October 20, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Use Store Traffic Data To Make Well-Informed Decisions The layout of your store has an immediate effect on your shoppers – your retail store’s layout determines the way that traffic flows through your establishment. The better you understand retail store traffic, the more effective your store layout will be. Additionally, research indicates that stores that… Read more
  • How a Retail Traffic Counter Can Improve Customer Service September 16, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Customer service is one of the top factors people consider when they decide whether or not to visit your store. The RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report notes that “89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.” A second statistic, from Parature, says that “it takes 12 positive customer… Read more
  • Counting People Can Maximize Store Potential September 5, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Counting people can tell someone a lot about a business, especially when it comes to marketing and customer service. At the very basic level, you can assume that a store with a high or steady level of foot traffic must be doing something right: its advertising draws people in, shoppers know they can find what… Read more
  • Capture the Elusive Teenage Demographic with Customer Counters July 28, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Teenagers are as unpredictable as the weather—happy and sunny one hour and then clouding over with the storms the next. Teenagers are about as fickle as they come—much to the dismay of parents and teachers everywhere. Retailers who cater to these consumers are equally baffled and have spent the last several years trying to figure… Read more
  • Organized Retail Crime is Still an Issue, but People Counters Can Help July 18, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Retail crime gangs are responsible for the theft of billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise every year. The 2013 National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Survey of 129 senior loss prevention executives at retail companies revealed that 93.5 percent of retailers say they were a victim of ORC over the past year. Even… Read more
  • Affiliate Marketing and Digital Signage are Powerful Revenue Drivers June 26, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Affiliate marketing allows a business to reward one or more affiliated brands or vendors for each visitor or customer drawn in by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. This type of marketing is often used on digital mediums – websites, blogs and in stores that employ digital signage. Have a question? The Internet has the answer Everywhere you… Read more
  • A/B Testing: How Traffic Counting Can Increase Sales June 23, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth A/B testing is exactly what it sounds like: an experiment with two variables, A and B. In a retail or online scenario, two versions of a display, advertisement or website are compared to see which one is the most effective in prompting an observer into a desired behavior: clicking a link, making a purchase, completing… Read more
  • Multichannel Retail Marketing and People Counts Can Drive Foot Traffic May 23, 2014 by Chris Wadsworth Integrated retail marketing—also known as omnichannel or multichannel marketing—is a valuable tool for retailers who seek to reach their customers across every medium. Omnichannel shoppers are more likely to look online for customer reviews, conduct price comparisons or check to see where the item is in stock before heading out to the store to make… Read more