People Counter Instruction &
Installation Manuals

Classic Beam

Classic Wireless Beams

The Trafsys Beams are easy to setup and maintain. They can communicate wirelessly to a MIU-1000 through a 4.9 repeater interface. Each beam set is identified by a unique serial number, which is embedded in every data packet sent to the MIU-1000.

Wireless directional beam

Wireless Directional Beams

The Trafsys Directional Wireless Beams provide a simple way to track the direction of people passing through a given area. The beams communicate wirelessly to either an MIU-1000 or MIU-1500 data controller. Each beam set is uniquely identified by a serial number that is stamped into each of the transmitted packets to the data controller.

omnicounter bi-directional


thermal sensor

Thermal Sensor

The Traf-Sys Thermal Sensor is designed to count people moving through a specific area by detecting body heat from each person and generating a number each time a person crosses a “count line” which can be customized by the installer.

  • Thermal Sensor (Wireless) This manual shows you how to install a thermal sensor or an array of thermal sensors with a wireless transmitter. This manual uses the new Thermal Setup Module.
Wired beams

Wired Beams

The Traf-Sys Wired Beam Sensors are designed to work with the RS485 interface of the MIU-1000 data controller. Traf-Sys Wired Beam Sensors can measure directional traffic and are mounted on each side of a doorway with a horizontal detection pattern.

  • Wired Beams ManualThe Wired Beams manual will guide you through setup and installation of your Traf-Sys wired beams.
Surround sensor

Surround Sensor

Surround Sensor traffic counting systems are designed to collect accurate foot traffic data in swinging door entrance applications. The Surround door counter sensor has a built in microprocessor (smart chip) for greater accuracy and is unaffected by lighting conditions.

  • Surround Sensor ManualSurround Sensor ManualThis manual describes the installation and troubleshooting of the Traf-Sys Surround People Counting Sensors.
Directional wireless outdoor beam

Directional Wireless Outdoor Beams

Traf-Sys Directional Wireless Outdoor Beams are a tamper-proof outdoor version of our Directional Wireless Beams. They are battery powered and transmit data over a wireless connection to the MIU-1000 data controller. Directional traffic detection enables these sensors to measure both inbound and outbound people counting statistics.

Z-900 Series

Z-Series People Counters

The Traf-Sys/Walker Wireless Z-Series Wireless Infrared People Counters provide a simple and elegant, yet effective way to track foot traffic through a given area or entrance. The counter consists of two parts, a transmitter and receiver, and determines traffic based using infrared beam breaks; upon beam break, the LCD counter will increment and the person will be counted as having passed through your monitored area/entrance.