Traf-Sys Announces Release of VisiCount

Traf-Sys recently released a completely new people counting software package with a powerful Microsoft SQL Server backbone. Labeled VisiCount, short for Visitor Counting System, the package offers advantages such as: simple, Internet browser-based access through a company’s intranet; completely user-defined setup of site categories; hardware and data diagnostics; and a new “drill-down” feature that permits instant access to data that is “down-a-level”.

For example, in a District-by-District analysis, if the results for a 12-store district seemed interesting, with one click the results of the 12 individual stores that make up that district could be seen. Since the software is browser-based, users do not need special access to view reports.

Finally, the package allows the user to create templates for future generation of reports in real-time, and email these reports to any email address. This is particularly convenient for executive contacts who require the results, but need to delegate administration of the package to specialists in the company.

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