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Space Utilization Counters for Colleges & Universities

Not only do universities have facilities where students go to learn, they also have a variety of other types of facilities ranging from dorms, cafeterias, convention halls, sports complexes, museums, and more. Having an understanding of the daily traffic counts to each of these facilities provides a myriad of benefits.

Getting ready to open your college? We are now offering SafeEntry software that is a cloud-based occupancy counter with sophisticated algorithms. The software is compatible with your existing tablets, phones,
or computers for reliable live occupancy monitoring.

Find out more about the benefits of people counters for colleges and universities by reading our Guide to University People Counters.

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    Benefits of Traf-Sys People Counting Solutions for Universities:


    Use Traffic Data To Support Project Funding

    Support building project funding requests with comprehensive numbers on pedestrian traffic.

    Implement Real-Time Tracking

    Find out what sections of your campus are getting the most pedestrian traffic.

    Count Attendance At Promotional Activities

    Find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your promotions translate to traffic.

    Implement Effective Security Staffing

    Use traffic data to ensure the appropriate security staffing at various campus facilities.

    Enhance Marketing Strategies

    Integrate traffic data into your overall marketing and advertising plans.


    Improve Your Operations With Traf-Sys

    At your university, you provide students value through on-campus facilities, organizations and resources. A college or university is a valuable part of any community, allowing students from around the world to further their education, build a network and hone the skills needed for their chosen career paths. Both public and private universities provide a learning space for people of a wide range of backgrounds and ages.

    If you want to serve your student body effectively, you should know how they use your facilities, resources and services. Knowing how students use these resources can help you optimize your institution’s operations to serve your students best and improve campus life for students and faculty.

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