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As the owner of a car dealership, you’re always looking for new ways to drive sales. Improving your dealership’s quarterly performance starts with pulling more customers through your front door. Data solutions from Traf-Sys can develop and improve the tactics your business uses to expand car dealership foot traffic.

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5 Tips for Increasing Auto Dealership Customer Traffic

Increasing in-store traffic can be tricky, but innovative car dealerships can combine the best classic tactics with modern solutions for stellar results. Here are some ways you can draw more customers to your dealership:

Sales are excellent ways to direct customers into the buying funnel. You can pique interest in your car dealership by advertising a discount or other specials for new customers. You can also target previous customers with promotions that thank them for their patronage.

Offering a discount is one thing, but you need to reach your customers with the good news. The internet has many powerful marketing tools for auto dealers. Try maintaining an active social media presence, paying for sponsored posts or sending email marketing campaigns to get your message to the greatest number of people.

Customers will be more likely to visit your dealership if your marketing strategies promise improvements to their lives. When developing car dealership marketing approaches, use positive language and describe a better life where the customer benefits from their new car from your lot.

Customers need to know where to find you before visiting your shop. Include a clear call to action with an address or reference to a notable landmark nearby in any marketing tactic.

Some methods will always be reliable. Decorating your storefront or lawn with bright signs advertising your dealership or current sales is an old-fashioned but effective way to catch customers’ attention.

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Monitoring Your Success

Following the tips above can boost customer traffic to your auto dealership. Still, it’s crucial to have a method to test which solutions provide the best results. Counting the number of customers entering your store gives the best insight into the tactics that produce the best results. At Traf-Sys, we develop software solutions that help auto dealerships and other stores accurately tally their in-shop traffic.

VisiCount From Traf-Sys

VisiCount is our accurate people counting software for businesses. This software integrates with your retail traffic counter to aggregate and present customer traffic data through engaging graphs, charts and reports. 

With VisiCount, you’ll access actionable traffic data through our user-friendly virtual interface that enables fast, cross-device sharing and parameter customization. Our software breaks information into specific groups so that you can make informed decisions with the most detailed data. 

To find out how VisiCount can help your auto dealership, request a quote today!

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