Outdoor Pedestrian Traffic Counters

Benefits of Outdoor Pedestrian Traffic Counters

People counting systems aren’t just for indoor use. These systems can be used outdoors, too, making it easy to measure foot traffic in public spaces and allowing cities to take advantage of the data a pedestrian counter can provide. City planners can use this data to understand how people are navigating the city and public facilities. This can inform decisions now that will improve the city in the future.

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Improve Your City With Foot Traffic Data

Understanding how people navigate your city can help you make decisions about infrastructure and facilities. By using outdoor pedestrian counter software, city planners can:

The data from a people counter can give you an accurate perception of how people are navigating your city. The software can tell you how many people are using public transportation, walking on specific sidewalks or sitting on park benches. The city can then improve or build new infrastructure in high-traffic areas.

Patrons do not use all public facilities equally. For cities with public transportation, there are likely bus stops that pick up and drop off more passengers than others. Pedestrian counters will tell you how people use these facilities, and you can use this data to make informed infrastructure decisions. Improve bus routes by building bigger shelters at popular locations and eliminating stops that rarely get traffic, for example.

Your city must compete with other surrounding towns to encourage tourists and shoppers to visit your city center. You can make sure that your city’s marketing is effective by using the data from outdoor pedestrian traffic counters. Place people counter devices in the streets of the shopping district or near certain stores. The data will point out areas that work and ones that aren’t bringing traffic.

Our Products

How Traf-Sys Outdoor Pedestrian Counting Software Works

There are many different kinds of people counting systems available through Traf-Sys. Though they each work differently, they all provide people counts that are up to 99 percent accurate. These sensors record the data throughout the day, and our VisiCount software displays it in charts and graphs. This will help you visualize the amount of traffic an area is getting and spot areas for improvement.

Our horizontal beam counters attach to the side of a doorway. When a person breaks the beam, the sensor counts that person. These work well in narrow spaces where only one person will enter or exit at a time.

Our overhead counters use thermal or video technology to tally traffic. The thermal counters record a person when they sense body heat, and the camera counters use video footage to get the people count.

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Improving Museums With People Counters

Use Traf-Sys People Counting Systems in Your City

Traf-Sys provides the best outdoor pedestrian counter software and hardware in the industry. Our hardware comes with a range of capabilities to fit your needs. By the day or by the hour, you’ll be able to analyze traffic on our intuitive software in custom graphs and charts.

City planners need to be aware of how citizens and tourists are navigating public facilities. Outdoor pedestrian traffic counters from Traf-Sys can help. Call 888-815-6568 or fill out the form on our website today to get a free quote.

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