Retailers Plan to Invest in Traffic Counting Systems in 2013

In late 2012, Integrated Solutions for Retailers (ISR) magazine surveyed nearly 200 retailers on their plans for technology spending in 2013. Retailers were asked, “In 2013, In Which In-Store Software and Systems Will Your Company Invest?” Small and independent retailers showed up in force, and made their intentions for technology purchasing clear.

Throughout 2013, retailers plan to invest in software and systems such as mobile POS software, payment processing, POS software and traffic counting. Mobility has grown in recent years and will continue to be an investment for many companies in the year ahead as they work to make processes easier for customers. The small and independent retailers that participated in the survey also expressed interest in investing in POS software and payment processing. POS software can help many businesses become more secure, more efficient and more profitable, just as payment processing can.

Numerous companies also indicated they would invest in traffic counting systems to optimize labor and determine advertising effectiveness. With the help of traffic counting systems from a company like Traf-Sys, businesses are able to find out how many sales they are getting in relation to the traffic they are seeing. It also helps determine how much staff a company needs, as well as how much security they need, etc.

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