Traf-Sys People Counting Solutions Featured In Jewelry Industry’s InStore Magazine

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InStoreMag.comTraf-Sys Inc. supplies people counting solutions to major jewelry retailers such as Pandora and Alex+Ani, and was featured on this month in an article about customer counting. InStore is a print and online magazine featuring the latest news, stories and tips in the retail industry. Written by Josh Wimmer, the article discusses different models of traffic counters and the benefits they can bring to retailers.

The article suggests that people counting systems are more cost efficient than just using traditional point of sale systems, as they are less expensive and provide more informed sales insight. However, as with most technology, the more you pay the better the quality of your customer counting system.

“The least expensive counters require you to walk over and manually write down the counts,” Chris Wadsworth, Traf-Sys Inc.’s President noted in the article. “A lot of stores see value in spending a bit more for an automated system that transmits counts to their computer wirelessly.”

Wadsworth recognizes that aspect of his clients’ needs. Traf-Sys traffic counters offer seamless integration with retail point of sale systems.

In addition to costs, Wadsworth also offered InStore readers advice on counter models. He explained that entrance layouts play a part in choosing the right counter for a retail store.

“What type of counter you use depends on how many entrances you have and how wide they are,” he said. “If you have a wide entrance, more than one person can walk through at a time, which throws off your count with some of the technologies.”

The article highlighted the Traf-Sys IP Thermal Sensor, explaining that it can be tailored to each retailer’s unique entrance for optimum accuracy. Wimmer mentioned that it can be combined with other sensors for wider areas. Traf-Sys also offers video, dual view, horizontal, bidirectional and unidirectional people counters in order for retailers to choose the correct hardware for their entrance.

Wimmer showcased Brian Toone of the Jewelry Design Center in Washington, who installed an infrared beam – like Traf-Sys’s IP-Connnected, Dual View and Wireless Thermal Sensor options – over the front entrance of his store. This allows him to receive deliveries through his employee-only entrance in the back of the store without interfering with his traffic count.

“It helps you plan vacation time,” Toone said of his infrared people counter. “It helps you see how effective your staffing is. It’s also nice for parties; it gives you a count. RSVPs are never very accurate.”