Walker Wireless is now a part of Traf-Sys People Counting Systems

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Two leaders in the People Counting industry have joined together to provide a wider selection of technology options and excellent customer service. Pittsburgh based company, Traf-Sys Inc, has purchased Walker Wireless to combine their efforts and reach new markets. Traf-Sys Inc has been providing complete people counter systems since 1996 and has specialized in handling large enterprise-level clients such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Walker Wireless was originally founded in 1986 by Mark Walker as the MWalker company. The company entered the People Counting industry by providing cost-effective, reliable people counter devices to libraries that had a need to provide patron counts in order to quantify and justify funding for buildings and special projects. Over the years, MWalker provided counters to government agencies, colleges and retailers.

In 2002, MWalker started using wireless technology to transmit patron count data from people counting devices to a PC or a PC network. MWalker was then renamed to Walker Wireless LLC.

In 2008, Walker Wireless introduced the ConceptOne sensor family which would be used for environmental and condition monitoring over a WiFi connection. These sensors would be used for health care, food safety and industrial monitoring applications.

In April of 2009, Walker Wireless was purchased by Traf-Sys People Counting Systems and will continue to provide quality people counting devices and environmental monitoring sensors. The cost-effective wireless people counting devices provided by Walker Wireless will be a perfect fit with Traf-Sys People Counting Systems selection of people counters and systems. The environmental monitoring sensors provided by Walker Wireless will also allow Traf-Sys to expand into new markets and opportunities. Together, the companies will be able to provide a greater variety of technologies and even better customer service and support.

The next generation of reporting and analysis for your customer traffic data is now available

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The VisiCount People Counter Software has been updated to provide even better reporting and analysis tools for your customer counting needs. We’ve been able to greatly improve and enhance the VisiCount People Counter Software using feedback from our users and advances in software technology.

VisiCount 2.0 Features:

  • New and Improved web interface
  • New Report Gallery Reports
  • Site Occupancy Report. Use Directional People Counters to estimate the current occupancy of a site at any given time of day.
  • Trend Inbound vs. Outbound customer traffic data.
  • Weather and Special Events reports with the ability to retrieve historical weather information from local weather stations, automatically.
  • Period Performance Reports. View Customer Traffic, Transactions and Sales information all in one report.

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Traf-Sys to Exhibit at National Retail Federation Annual 2009 Tradeshow

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January 12th through the 13th 2009 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Booth# 975

Traf-Sys will be an exhibitor at the 2009 National Retail Federation convention in New York City. Stop by our booth, meet our staff, and learn how Traf-Sys People Counting technology can help benefit your business.

For more information about NRF 2009 go to http://events.nrf.com/annual09/

Seattle-based advertising company uses people counters to measure the audience of digital signage

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Seattle Digital Signage is the leading provider of affordable digital billboard advertising solutions, digital signage kiosk, iPosters, and electronic tickers in Seattle, Washington. They use the Traf-Sys Wireless Infrared Beams to measure the audience for their advertisements. This information gives them the advantage of knowing how many people their advertisements are reaching which allows them to target larger audiences.

You can learn more about Seattle Digital Signage at their website, www.seattledigitalsignage.com

Find out how Harley-Davidson uses Traf-Sys People Counting Systems to improve conversion rates

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All brick-and-mortar retailers want to attract more customers into their stores and increase the percentage of customers that convert (i.e. purchase merchandise). Before determining this percentage, you must first accurately account for the number of people visiting your stores. Short of having an employee count customers upon entry, automated traffic counting systems are the only accurate way to gather this data. However, the number of customers entering stores needs to be tied to your POS data in order to determine an accurate conversion rate. This is exactly what Harley-Davidson Corporate is offering to its dealers in order to help them drive sales.

Traf-Sys to Exhibit at National Retail Federation Annual 2008 Tradeshow

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January 14th through the 15th 2008 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Booth# 460

Traf-Sys will be an exhibitor at the 2008 National Retail Federation convention in New York City. Stop by our booth, meet our staff, and learn how Traf-Sys People Counting technology can help benefit your business.

For more information about NRF 2008 go to http://www.nrf.com/annual2008/

Traf-Sys and Precidia Team for Enhanced People Counting Data in Stores

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iPocket232 connects Traf-Sys controller and software, delivering accurate, near real-time data

Ottawa, Canada, January 30, 2007 – Precidia Technologies Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of Internet Protocol (IP) access devices, announced today that it has teamed with Traf-Sys Inc, a leading provider of people counting systems for large retail chains, malls and other establishments. Deployed in hundreds of retail locations, the iPocket232 works with the Traf-Sys people counting system to transport accurate, up to the minute pedestrian traffic data to merchants, helping them manage shopper traffic in the context of store operations.

The iPocket232, which features RS232 and Ethernet ports, connects to a Traf-Sys MIU controller, transporting the serial data collected by the controller over the customer’s IP network to a Traf-Sys server, where the data can be processed by Traf-Sys software. The iPocket232 offers a simply installed, seamless link between the controller and the software, delivering accurate, up to the minute data to business operators.

Traf-Sys President and General Manager Chris Wadsworth says the linkage provided by the iPocket232 is key: “Our customers look to us for accurate, timely data on entry/exit, as well as diagnostics. With the iPocket232, we can provide this data easily.” Data collected by the Traf-Sys system includes pedestrian traffic entering and exiting each entry, which can be analyzed to provide reporting and forecasting on sales volume per visitor, or predict staffing requirements.

“Traf-Sys is an ideal partner for Precidia,” said Precidia President Deepak Wanner. “Their popular people counting systems leverage the iPocket232 as the bridge between serial equipment and IP networks. This is a key example of the iPocket’s value in delivering accurate, real-time data without replacing or upgrading mission critical equipment.”

About Traf-Sys

Traf-Sys is an expert People Counting System provider located in Pittsburgh, PA. Traf-Sys Inc. provides people counting systems, software and consulting to some of the largest shopping centers and retail store chains in the U.S. We help our clients achieve higher profits through better management of shopper traffic, and its relationship to overall operations. To learn more, visit Traf-Sys on the web at www.trafsys.com.

About Precidia Technologies

Precidia Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of IP access devices for a wide range of industries including retail payments and building automation. With customers in over 80 countries, Precidia’s unique product line of wired and wireless access devices and NetVu™ network configuration management seamlessly migrates stand-alone equipment onto more sophisticated IP networks, while enhancing performance and features. For more information, visit Precidia on the Web at http://www.precidia.com.

King County Library System Selects Traf-Sys People Counting Solution

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King County Library System, in Washington, recently selected Traf-Sys Wireless People Counting Systems for all 42 of its branch library locations. Each branch’s data will be displayed on King County’s intranet, using Traf-Sys VisiCount Server Software. The visitor traffic information will be used to help King County manage their facilities, and will provide input for future communication strategies with library patrons.