• When to Choose an Overhead People Counter vs. a Horizontal People Counter

    In today’s retail environment, information is power. People counting technologies can offer significant, actionable data about customer traffic and behavior in your store. However, with a range of solutions available on the market, how can you determine if overhead or horizontal people counters are the right fit for your retail business? Horizontal people counters are […]

  • 4 Benefits of Holiday People Counting

    There are many benefits to holiday people counting. In your retail location, people counting can help you determine when and where you see the most foot traffic in your store. When you know where people are likely to be, you can determine where additional or fewer employees may be needed. Below, we have listed four […]

  • 3 Ways People Counters Help Determine the Effectiveness of In-Store Promotions

    Promotional displays and other in-store promotions are a visually and logistically-effective way to sell products. They grab the customer’s attention, are set up in locations convenient to the customer, and sometimes offer a discount on the product being displayed. People counters can help test the effectiveness of these displays and sales promotions in several ways. […]

  • Why Retailers Should Be Using Bi-Directional People Counters

    What is a Bi-directional people counter? Bi-directional people counters differentiate between when someone is entering and when someone is exiting an area. Other people counters can only count how many times someone passes through a doorway, which can potentially skew your results. Glean accurate sales conversion rate data. Bi-directional people counters allow you to track […]

  • Three Places You Absolutely Need a Wireless People Counter

    Hardwiring a new people counter into your establishment is not always a feasible option. Fortunately, there are wireless people counter options available that provide the same basic benefits as wired people counters.  What’s more, wireless people counters are energy-efficient, which keeps your electricity bill down, and they can be installed easily and almost anywhere without […]

  • Three Ways People Counting Technology Improves Public Restrooms

    Maintaining public restrooms at your business is a task that is often taken for granted. Many businesses have no janitorial staff that is assigned to keep the restrooms clean, relying on customers to notify them when the bathrooms run out of toilet paper, the commodes are inoperable, etc. While this may seem like an effective […]