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Know What Your Patrons Care About with People Counting

Casinos are fast-paced environments filled with flashing lights and gaming sounds. Like a shopping mall store environment, you need to know which areas are generating the most interest from your clients – especially as you plan to add more games down the road.

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In order to expand your offerings effectively, you need to know what brings in revenue and what doesn’t. Without reliable traffic counts, you risk making expensive investments that don’t pay off. On the other hand, monitoring player and visitor traffic accurately can guide decision-making, allowing you to direct resources to the games and attractions that draw crowds.

Strategic decisions based on hard data can give your casino traffic a boost. Using a traffic counting system from Traf-Sys can help you see through all the excitement to the insights that can help you operate and expand your business efficiently.

Why Does Your Casino Need a People Counting System?

Your casinos draw people with a variety of attractions — from games and entertainment to dining and special events. Our casino traffic counters help you determine which attractions draw the most guests, which areas receive the most foot-traffic and how many people are entering your establishment on any given day.

By tracking the number of people who use your attractions, casino traffic counters can help you save costs. The data you’ll get from this technology will enable you to spend smartly in these areas of your business. Here are a few ways you can use data from a Traf-Sys visitor counter to benefit your casinos:

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1. Staffing

Casino traffic counters help you determine peak business times and areas through real-time data. You can use this information to optimize your staffing schedule and save labor costs.

Our people counters keep track of patrons accurately and automatically, so you can find out what sections of your facility are getting the most pedestrian traffic. Your staff can use near real-time data to find areas that need the most coverage and determine which popular areas are chronically understaffed.

2. Promotions

With a people counting system, you can gauge the effectiveness of your promotions. Compare the popularity of an attraction during a promotion to its activity beforehand to inform your marketing budget. Find out what works, what doesn’t, and adjust your strategy to make your promotions translate to increased traffic.

3. Security

Add security in areas where you need it using people counter data. By increasing security based on the number of people in your casino, you can strategize your spending.

4. Layout

Discover the most popular areas of your casino with a traffic counter to optimize your layout. With a casino design that caters to your customers’ preferences, you can invest more intelligently in equipment and facilities.

5. Performance

Invest in performance initiatives where you need them the most by tracking your locations’ performance through people counting. You can focus on directing your training costs to teams that need more support.

How Our Systems Work

At Traf-Sys, our people counting systems are unobtrusive and accurate. We offer a number of systems to choose from, including overhead counters and horizontal casino door counters.

Horizontal systems work by counting every time a person interrupts an infrared sensor. These systems work well in narrow doors and entrances through which only one person can pass at a time. For wider spaces, however, overhead systems provide more accurate counts.

Overhead counters track visitors using two different methods: thermal sensing and video recording. Thermal sensors count people by picking up on their body heat. Video sensors derive their counts from video footage. Both systems come with different advantages.

No matter what traffic counting system you choose, Traf-Sys software can help you analyze and use the data you collect. Our software features a user-friendly interface that you can access from any internet-connected laptop or mobile device. The software allows you to view data in a variety of formats, create reports and link sales and staffing data to traffic data so that you can leverage connections to improve your business.

Improve Your Casino Chain’s Performance With Traf-Sys

To provide the games and other attractions that keep your casino’s customers coming back, you need accurate traffic counts. An automatic casino visitor counter can inform your business decisions and help you streamline operations.

Traf-Sys systems collect visitor counts that are between 95 and 99 percent accurate, so you can use them to make data-driven business decisions with confidence. Our systems have proven effective in many casinos like yours, including Wildhorse Resort & Casino, Viejas Casino, The Venetian and many more.

Our service team is dedicated to helping our clients implement effective people counting systems. Request a free quote to see how a traffic counter from Traf-Sys could benefit your casino today.

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