How to Use People Counters for Fitness Center Success

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When you’re trying to increase your gym’s profits, you have two options — increase revenue, or decrease expenses. Many businesses use conversion rates to measure success, but a fitness center’s visitors already pay money. As a decision-maker for a gym, you have to find alternate ways to collect and use data. You can change the way you do business with a gym visitor counter. This technology tracks the people who enter or leave an area to give you information on customer activity.

What if you already use another method to count gym visitors? Using a gym tally counter provides more robust data collection than scanning or signing members in. You can place people counting hardware in the doorway of your choice and track entering and exiting members. The versatility of a gym visitor counter makes it irreplaceable for owners who rely on data for their business decisions.

Discover how a people counter can transform the way you manage your fitness center.

Identify Peak Capacity Times

You can use an advanced counter’s results to understand how many people use your facilities. Since it tracks who enters and leaves, its results can help you determine capacity numbers by time. You can base your marketing and programming on busy and quiet hours. For example, you can promote your off-peak times or offer more classes to keep more machines open during peak capacity. Thanks to social media, you can also share your busy hours with your followers to encourage them to visit at other times.

Plan Class Programming

People counting technology lets you compare your capacity to class attendance and draw critical insights. If you find a large proportion of people attending a certain class, you can offer more sessions. To keep more machines open during your peak hours, you can base your class times on your busy hours. You can also add a people counter to your studio’s doors to keep track of attendance for large classes. When you figure out how to use people counter data to your advantage, you can optimize your programming.

Control Cleaning Costs

If you need to manage your cleaning budget, you can use people counters to understand which areas get dirty the most. Using people counting technology in all areas of your fitness center lets you know when and where you need to clean. Traffic data based on room and time can serve as the basis for your cleaning schedule. When you see certain rooms receiving more visitors than others, you know to prioritize them in your plan. Meanwhile, areas with lower use may require less cleaning.

People Counters for Fitness Centers From Traf-Sys

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