• How Counting People Can Help with Your Program Funding Proposal

    Getting your programs funded can seem like an uphill battle. Decision-makers have myriad proposals to review, and making your pitch stand out can be quite the challenge. But did you know that you can leverage people counting technology to benefit your program funding proposal? Learn how to make traffic counters work for you. Highlight Your […]

  • Advantages of Using a Battery Powered Wireless People Counter

    Are you looking for a cost effective way to determine the foot traffic in your place of business? If you aren’t, you should be. If you are, have you considered your wireless people counter options? There are several options available to you in regards to wireless people counters. But, let’s re-examine why you’d want to […]

  • Retail Technology and the Importance of People Counting

    The way we shop is constantly evolving. You may not realize it, but retailers are always looking for ways to draw in new shoppers, retain their customer base and boost their bottom line. Through the years, we’ve seen retail technology change and shape the way we purchase everything from cars to groceries to clothing. Cash […]

  • Do Universities Need People Counting Software?

    Public colleges and universities across the country have been seeing their budgets slashed.  Last year, nearly every state in the US spent about 28 percent less on their institutions of higher learning than they did in 2008. Arizona and New Hampshire cut their funding in half, while 11 states cut it by a third. These […]

  • People Counting Solutions: Do Colleges’ Shiny New Buildings Hide a Secret?

    If you’ve got kids, chances are, you know college is expensive. Whether your kids are still in diapers or getting ready to graduate high school, you’re probably very familiar with the looming cost of higher education. As the cost of a four-year degree continues to rise, enrollment is declining. In 2012, the number of students […]

  • Affiliate Marketing and Digital Signage are Powerful Revenue Drivers

    Affiliate marketing allows a business to reward one or more affiliated brands or vendors for each visitor or customer drawn in by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. This type of marketing is often used on digital mediums – websites, blogs and in stores that employ digital signage. Have a question? The Internet has the answer Everywhere you […]