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Your building’s environmental footprint and energy efficiency have some of the single greatest impacts on your bottom line. Thankfully, improving your business’s ecological footprint is an incredibly accessible investment. Through automating your HVAC and light systems, your company can save money on its electric bill and create an energy-efficient workplace. 

Why Automate Your HVAC and Lighting Control? 

Your HVAC and lighting systems are two of the most wasteful components of your organization’s infrastructure. When few people are in the building, these systems spend an excessive amount of energy for very little utility. With automation based on real-time occupancy data, these machines can better align their output with the surrounding patrons and current environmental demands. Automating your systems comes with the following benefits: 

  • Improve employee satisfaction: When your building is always appropriately warmed or cooled, your employees will be more comfortable, productive and satisfied with their working conditions. Decreasing your environmental impact is also essential for showing your current and prospective employees that you’re a forward-thinking company that keeps up with the times, which has become an important characteristic for employees and consumers alike.
  • Reduce your building’s operational cost: Automating your lighting system using real-time building utilization data significantly reduces your total operational costs. You can achieve this by integrating your BACnet data with your existing HVAC and lighting systems to automate savings without ever thinking about it. This data will also give you insight into what parts of your buildings are most often frequented. Where there is little traffic, there is a lesser need for HVAC usage or constant lighting. 
  • Reduce your business’s environmental impact: By leveraging your utilization trend data, you can boost your workplace’s efficiency concerning real-estate usage to minimize your carbon footprint. For example, on days where your buildings are less populated, you can decrease your HVAC and lighting settings and let certain parts of your workplace go completely unconditioned when empty. 

Optimize Your Energy and HVAC With People Counters

One of the most foolproof and cost-effective ways to automate your lighting and HVAC systems is using automatic people counting systems. People counting systems allow you to create custom occupancy levels and continuously monitor how many people have entered and exited certain regions of your building. With this technology and software, you’ll never have to guess how many individuals are in your building, which rooms are open or which rooms require more or less HVAC support. 

Overhead People Counting Sensors

spectrum 3d people counter

Spectrum 3D People Counter

This overhead door sensor can distinguish between adults and children, people and inanimate objects and adults of different heights using advanced 3-D technology.

eclipse people counter

Eclipse People Counter

Video-based door sensors for retail stores, stadiums, casinos and other buildings with multiple and wide entryways with directional counts and customizable count zones.

Horizontal Wireless/People Counting Sensors

OmniCounter Bi-Directional

Direct Count One

The Traf-Sys Direct Count One people counters can be mounted at the entrance of your facility to measure pedestrian traffic statistics. It has a transmission range of up to 16 feet and includes features such as lithium-ion battery power and local LCD display. These counters can be installed quickly and easily.


Building Energy Optimization From Traf-Sys People Counting Systems

People counting systems can help your business become more energy-efficient and aware of its energy costs. At Traf-Sys, we specialize in creating people counting systems that go way above and beyond counting occupants. Our systems are also excellent for the following uses: 

  • Optimizing staff labor.
  • Enforcing maximum building capacity.


Traf-Sys has the experience necessary to build you the real-time people counting system you need. When you’re ready to enhance your business with real-time occupancy management, reach out and contact Traf-Sys for a demo today.

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