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When you need to call an urgent meeting, finding an open conference room can be challenging. Between conferences, training sessions and lectures, scheduling an appointment and finding an open workplace can feel impossible. Meeting room automation allows your business to quickly find available rooms and make sure your meeting schedule is always up to date. With the power of people counting systems from Traf-Sys, you can optimize your meeting room schedule and take your valuable time back. 

Why Automate Your Meeting Room Optimization?

Automating your meeting rooms allows your employees to return to work faster and never worry about finding a meeting space. By automating your meeting room availability, your business will see the following benefits:

  • Automate booking and room release: You and your employees can easily book meeting rooms far in advance with automated meeting room services. Meeting room optimization with people counting systems also lets you know when rooms are free and available for pickup or auto release.
  • Optimize cleaning, heating and lights: When you’ve automated and optimized your meeting room services, you can request cleaning, heat your rooms and activate your lights more efficiently. Additionally, automated meeting room optimization allows you to increase your energy and cleaning efficiency and saves you money — all for little money down. 
  • Get your real estate right: When you can see which meeting rooms are constantly in use and which are still open, it’s easy to pick up trends on how you can reallocate your space to increase efficiency. For example, you may notice your meeting rooms are consistently smaller or larger than necessary or that certain rooms have technology issues you can easily fix.
  • Increase your building’s energy efficiency: Automating your meeting room scheduling allows your building to reduce the lighting and HVAC systems when no one is inside. This capability will enable you to increase your building’s energy efficiency and reduce your total building upkeep costs with people counting systems. 

Enhance Your Meeting Room Availability With People Counting Systems

People counting systems are the easiest way to track which meeting rooms are currently in use or empty. This technology allows you to keep your meeting room schedule up to date and see which rooms are presently holding impromptu meetings — as well as which spaces are open and ideal for implementing energy-efficient solutions. Automated meeting room schedules even allow you to see which rooms are available for quick-release and have open real estate earlier than planned. 

Overhead People Counting Sensors

spectrum 3d people counter

Spectrum 3D People Counter

This overhead door sensor can distinguish between adults and children, people and inanimate objects and adults of different heights using advanced 3-D technology.

eclipse people counter

Eclipse People Counter

Video-based door sensors for retail stores, stadiums, casinos and other buildings with multiple and wide entryways with directional counts and customizable count zones.

Horizontal Wireless/People Counting Sensors

OmniCounter Bi-Directional

Direct Count One

The Traf-Sys Direct Count One people counters can be mounted at the entrance of your facility to measure pedestrian traffic statistics. It has a transmission range of up to 16 feet and includes features such as lithium-ion battery power and local LCD display. These counters can be installed quickly and easily.

Integrate Meeting Room Booking Systems With Traf-Sys People Counting Technology

Automatically optimize your meeting rooms and never waste time looking for a space again with smart people counting systems from Traf-Sys. We have the know-how and experience necessary to custom-build a system designed specifically for your office’s needs. In addition to creating meeting room optimization software, we also assist businesses with people counting solutions for: 

  • Optimizing staff labor.
  • Automating lighting and HVAC systems.


If you’re ready to take the plunge and enhance your office with the power of real-time people counting solutions, reach out to Traf-Sys to request a demo and learn what we can do for you. 

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